Technovation Cambodia


Technovation has been organized in Cambodia by USAID’s Development Innovations since 2014. The program has helped more than 200 Cambodians learn how to identify a problem in their community and learn coding and practical business development skills to develop a mobile app to address the problem. Technovation offers an open source, hands-on curriculum to develop an app prototype, business plan and video pitch in 12 weeks. The app is created on MIT’s App Inventor platform which does not require participants to have a coding background. Girls work in teams of 3 to 5 people, supported by coaches (primarily school teachers), and guided by mentors (primarily female professionals in Cambodia) to create an app to address a challenge in their local community. In 2017, the problems were aligned with one of the select UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Education, Health, Poverty, Equality, Peace, and Environment. The curriculum offers a holistic learning experience focusing on both soft and hard skills, including coding skills, entrepreneurship training, public speaking, and problem solving and teamwork.